Grammar Foundation

Grammar Foundation

Everyone needs to be free of solecisms, i.e. grammatical mistakes.

And it’s very easy. Just go through these basic quizzes, and you’d emerge a winner in grammar.

No issues of tenses going off, prepositions etc. getting bungled.

A few quizzes a day will make you a WINNER on grammar. Note that spellings are not grammer as many people wrongly write.

Quiz 1

Quiz 1
5 questions

Welcome to Quiz 1 of Grammar Foundation course.

Don't feel bad if questions go wrong - be in a LEARNER's frame of mind.

Suggest the best fill in the blank(s).

Quiz 2

Vocab Quiz 001

Quiz 3

Quiz 4

Vocab 100
2 questions

Lorem lorem

Quiz 5

Quiz 6

Quiz 7

Quiz 8

Quiz 9

Quiz 10

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