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Welcome to 3.0 Education-Coaching-Mentoring. Unlike other platforms, which just replicate books etc. online, TESTSAbroad is differentiated: technologically, pedagogically, and psychologically.

Partner with us for a unique learning experience, matching your innate strengths, weaknesses, academic preferences, learning style, and time busy-ness. We value your aspirations.

Action Plan You can Begin

Behaviourally Adapted Algorithm suited specifically to your style.

Most Authentic Learning Material replete with innovative drills,

Set up Consultation with our Dedicated Experts with cumulative 200+ man years of Training Experience.


Gain with These Invigorating Drills

  • Conditioning Drills for Verbal/ Quantitative/ Logical proficiency.
  • Gain trustable Admissions Guidance and Immigration Process bytes.
  • Map DNA of multiple tests related to your Key target Test.
  • Sample our powerful Learning Management System.
  • Indulge in fun, obtain highest order of inspiration, learn from past successes.